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Liberty Chocolates and Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports

One of the things I love as much (probably more) than honey-sweetened dark chocolate is getting outside and exploring the river, valleys, and mountains wherever I am living. I know what an amazing experience it is to be immersed in nature, and also how good it feels...

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What Do Chocolate Percentages Mean?

My lifetime of chocolate loving, eating, and now making, means that I get a lot of questions about chocolate.   I love to talk about chocolate with friends, family, customers, pretty much anyone who also wants to talk about it! I am always learning more, every time I...

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The Why and How of Organic Honey

I’ve made a commitment to use only top-quality, ethically sourced ingredients for our delicious Liberty Chocolate. One of the reasons I love making small-batch chocolate from start to finish is the ability to know exactly how it is made as well as use the best and...

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3 Reasons Why Liberty Crafts Honey-Sweetened Chocolate

All of the chocolate I make for Liberty Chocolates is sweetened using only organic honey. When I began my training as a chocolatier, I didn’t use this liquid gold, but as part of taking over Liberty Chocolates, I wanted to learn the techniques of the previous owner,...

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Sourcing Ingredients for Chocolate

Why it’s important to know where your chocolate ingredients come from.   Let’s talk ingredients! Because delicious, exceptional chocolate is only as good as the ingredients it’s made with.   Throughout my chocolate journey, the people who have influenced me the most...

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Learning to Make Super Smooth, Super Rich Chocolate with Honey

Smooth and Delicious Honey-Sweetened Chocolate

As a chocolatier and chocolate lover, I have tasted my fair share of chocolate made with unique ingredients. In fact, at one point in my life, I hoped to own a shop and curate top-quality chocolates from around the world.

After rolling up my sleeves and learning the process of actually making it, that dream shifted into owning a business where I could create my own chocolate, experimenting and perfecting flavor combinations and sourcing high-quality ingredients.

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