Dreaming of Chocolate

As a chocolate lover and chocolatier,  I have tasted my fair share of chocolate made with unique ingredients. In fact, when I was first inventing ways to make a living while constantly being surrounded by chocolate, my first dream was to own a shop and curate top-quality chocolates from around the world. This was before shops like that were relatively easy to find – now there are plenty of places where I can shop single origin chocolate bars to my heart’s content.

Back then I knew very little about working with chocolate, I just knew it completed me.  

So, being an industrious individual, I rolled up my sleeves and initiated myself into the amazing world of working with chocolate. I took a few classes and continued to study with one of my teachers, in New Zealand, who subsequently became a wonderful friend and mentor.  

After several years of making chocolate “recreationally”, I finally shifted my dream into the reality of owning Liberty Chocolates, where I can create my own chocolate, experimenting and perfecting flavor combinations and sourcing high-quality ingredients that I can feel great about using.


A New (to Me) Ingredient

Learning to Make Super Smooth, Super Rich Chocolate with Honey

Photo: Josephine Amalie Paysen

I am definitely not a sugar-hater, but I love honey even more, which is why I was drawn to Liberty Chocolates and honey-sweetened chocolate. My first goal after purchasing Liberty Chocolates was to learn the process of making a high-quality chocolate bar, sweetened only with honey, and ensure the texture was the same rich smoothness found with a more traditional sweetener like sugar.

Honey is a great ingredient. It’s all-natural, made by bees (!!), minimally processed, and while it contains sugars (primarily fructose and glucose), it also can contain trace elements – depending on where the bees that produced it picked up their pollen. It also doesn’t contain any preservatives or additives.

For these reasons, many often seek out honey in favor of refined sugar when they want a sweet treat.

I am all for experimenting with new flavors and ingredients to create a unique product, but it has to be good and stand on its own. It doesn’t matter how revolutionary the recipe if it doesn’t taste good, right?

Sweetening chocolate with honey requires a longer process, and some different steps that you don’t have to take with traditional sugar-sweetened chocolate in order to get it to have that perfect texture, which chocolate lovers crave just as much as the flavor.


Patience and Practice

It takes a little more patience to make handmade honey-sweetened chocolate that is super smooth, and super-rich. But that patience pays off! The flavor is nuanced and sometimes works even better with certain flavors like lavender or coffee. Yum.

There have been (and still are!)  many frustrating days of failed chocolate as I have learned the alchemy of combining honey and chocolate, but I am really proud of the melt-in-your-mouth chocolate that I am now creating using organic honey.

It has a pure flavor and a dreamy texture that will immerse you in complete chocolate bliss!