A Little Something About Us…


Living a healthy life includes our chocolate choices.

Being committed to a healthy lifestyle, and one where we take into consideration how we are impacting our personal habitat (yes, I said that) ;-), our community, and the planet, we set out to make a chocolate bar that would reflect our lifestyle (which includes eating healthy, wholesome, and delicious food).  

Our bars are dark chocolate (73% and higher) and are sweetened 100% with honey. The contain no refined sugar, no dairy, no soy, and (most importantly) are straight up delicious.  We put a lot of effort into ethical sourcing – our chocolate is organic and fair-trade (or better), the rest of our ingredients are organic and we source as close to home as possible, only from suppliers who also source ethically and work directly with their farmers. 

What makes Liberty Chocolates special? We believe that the best chocolate has to start with the best ingredients. Only the highest quality, ethically-sourced, fair-trade ingredients go into our products. You can taste the difference in our rich flavors, and feel the quality in every smooth, velvety, honey-sweetened bite.

Over 11 years of training, dreaming, tasting, brainstorming and development has resulted in our very special organic, honey-sweetened chocolate made lovingly by hand in central Vermont.


 Why Liberty?

Why Liberty? Because we all deserve the chance to live our liberty – whatever that means to each of us.  Maybe it means being liberated through the experience of pure, rich, dark chocolate melting across our taste buds. That sensation that right now none of the stress, the pressure, the insanity of life matters, because you are immersed in complete bliss.  Not to mention that we also deserve amazing chocolate that liberates us from refined sugar, soy, dairy, and unethically sourced chocolate.  

We also believe in giving back.

Because, to us, Liberty is about the freedom to do what you want to do. It’s about pursuing your dreams, and following your bliss. At Liberty Chocolates,  We are living our dream of making chocolate, and we want to help others find the liberty to follow their hearts, their passions. So Liberty Chocolates is committed to donating 50% of our net profits to charities promoting education, women in business, and other organizations that are dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams, whether that is putting a healthy meal on the family dinner table, or becoming a cosmonaut (or both!).

We love being able to support the planet by promoting production of honey worldwide (which means healthy bees, which means bountiful gardens and farms), and by sourcing our ingredients from companies that have strong ethical standards. We love making people happy, while helping to make the world a stronger, healthier place for everyone. And we love having the freedom to work with chocolate. What’s your Liberty?