Welcome to Liberty Chocolate.

Organic dark chocolate, sweetened only with honey.
Through the magic of chocolate alchemy we hand craft
incredibly rich, smooth, honey-sweetened dark chocolate bars.
Try a Liberty Chocolate bar and discover the  bliss of honey-sweetened chocolate.
Be nice. Eat chocolate. Enjoy life.


Dark chocolate filled with coconut milk-honey caramel.

Hellooo perfect stocking stuffer! 

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Dark Chocolate Bars and Bumble Bites

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  • 80% Extra Dark

  • 73% Dark Chocolate

  • Hazelnuts & Blueberries


About Liberty Chocolate

Why Liberty? Because we all deserve to be liberated through the experience of pure, rich, dark chocolate melting across our taste buds. That sensation that right now none of the stress, the pressure, the insanity of life matters, because you are immersed in complete bliss.  Learn more about Liberty Chocolates…

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Liberty Chocolates
136 N Main St #6
Barre, Vermont 05641

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