MY STORY – Katrina Coravos

I began Liberty Chocolates four years ago in the kitchen of my home…
I was homeschooling my two sons and was a single mother. I wanted to create my own income and be with children as much as possible. In developing an income, I also wanted to create a brand that exemplified my process of stepping into my own passions and my own creations while balancing being at home, thus Liberty Chocolates was born.

I chose the name Liberty Chocolates because to me, claiming our Liberty means following our own dreams, being in our own truths, and finding what calls us.

It means stepping away from dependency and really asking ourselves what gives us a sense of freedom? I believe that each one of us carries a gift and a calling, and the word Liberty defines that gift.

What does Liberty mean to me?

I often think of the word Liberty and am reminded of the beginning of our country. The founding of our government was based on the colonists stepping out of the oppression and the dominance of the royal hierarchy. People came here to create their own dreams and have their own sovereignty.

Like so many other words to promote freedom, I believe the word has been misused and misrepresented. I also feel, like so many others, that as Americans we have largely stepped away from this dream and intention. Now instead of the crown it is corporations that many people feel themselves being oppressed by.

To me oppression means not being able to feel into your own power, live the life you want to live, and being able to create the passions that live inside of us.

liberty087Reclaiming Liberty for myself and others

I hear so many stories of people working in jobs that they hate, but they know no other way. Often when I ask people what their dream and passion is, they know what it is but feel like it is impossible to do.

We as humans have proven time and time again that Liberty is truly possible.
I would like to be a part of reclaiming this concept in today’s times. I want to claim it in myself and also encourage those around me to claim it as well.

We are not often equipped with the resources or knowledge of how to create our dreams, but with support from our communities, belief in our purpose, and ourselves, we can create anything.

What are Liberty Chocolates made of?

When I set out to create this brand I wanted to use the best ingredients that I could find. I went to school for nutrition and have always had a passion about our relationship with food.

I also have felt it is vital that we support companies and growers that work in integrity with their products. I wanted to find a source of chocolate that was fair trade, and grown with ethics.

[Find a full list of our ingredients here]

liberty155Why honey?

I also wanted to use the best sweetener that I could find. I began doing my research and was able to conclude that honey was the best sweetener that I could use. It was not only found locally but also has so many healthy benefits.

To me honey is the nectar of the Goddess.

I had been involved in many women’s circles and women’s empowerment groups. I had begun relearning about the sacred feminine and the ancient teachings. In many circles, honey is indicative of the sweetness of our medicine. It represents the essence of love, of bliss, of community working together, and of course the Queen Bee.

The Queen and her hive
When I think of the Queen Bee, I think of absolute sovereignty. The Queen Bee is in service to her hive, and her hive is in service to her. Each bee has their purpose, and their role in the hive. They work collectively together to create in the end, absolute blissful nectar. I believe that each of us has a Queen Bee inside of us, a part of ourselves that knows what he/she wants to create. And in the end, with support from the community and hard purposeful work it is bliss that is found.

I am familiar with the cacao plant and have understood its value for many years…

This plant was taught to me as the literal translation of “the food of the gods”. I was present at cacao ceremonies, and have developed a relationship with the power of this beloved food. It seemed only natural to join together the nectar of the Goddess and the Food of the Gods.

My experience with making chocolate was minimal when I first set out.

I ended up doing a lot of research and talking to many experts. I was happy to hear that there were actually “chocolate chemists” in the world that have done thorough research on chocolate and how we can use it. I discovered that from the bean to the bars we eat, there are many processes and it is quite involved.

There is a chemical formula that helps to temper the chocolate so we get the crispy uniform chocolate that we eat. All the chocolate chemists started telling me that you cannot mix honey and chocolate and get it to work. I was told that anything with liquid in it would not temper properly with chocolate.

Because the marriage of these two substances made so much sense to me, I knew there had to be a way…

It made me think about the times in my life where I really knew deep down what I was being called to do, and what I was passionate about. I was thinking about times where I knew what I was doing was right and sometimes people around me would tell me it wasn’t possible. But, I believe when we really know something to be true, we can find the way.

I set out doing more research and more experimenting, and I figured it out! Like many things, it was by accident at first, and then I was able to refine the process and get honey to temper with chocolate. I called a couple of the chocolate chemists I was working with and they laughed and said what I was doing would actually work. It was unconventional, but it works! I laughed to myself, thinking this is the essence of Liberty Chocolates so it was perfect.

So we created the first chocolate bar sweetened 100% with honey.

My goal with Liberty Chocolates is to create a healthy, intentional, delicious chocolate brand that speaks a story to inspire others to create their own beehive in their communities and to claim their own Liberty.

I wanted to find other people’s stories too

I decided to tell the stories of other individuals that took the risk to step out into their own dreams and passions.

I wanted to reach out to others that began their own businesses in my community.  I chose businesses that exemplified the mission of creating your own dreams.  I wanted to highlight their products in formulating a delicious chocolate bar using ingredients from their company.  I hope to share their stories to help inspire others.

I also want to embrace the concept of support and community rather than competition and dominance.  I believe the more small businesses can support one another the healthier our communities will be.


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