Our chocolate bars come in twelve flavors: Dark, Peppermint, Almond Coconut, Maple, Acai & Blueberry, Moon Time (Cherry/Pomegranate), Hot Pepper, Passionfruit Lemon, Vanilla Rose, Strawberry, Coffee, and Himalayan Salt.

Our chocolate bars are all dairy free, soy free,  and do not contain refined sugars.


We chose to use a local raw honey.  We love honey, we love supporting local farmers, and we love how it tastes in chocolate. Honey contains many health benefits, and we believe is an important addition in a healthy lifestyle.  We are also passionate about the protection and education of what is happening to our precious honey bee population.images


The cacao beans we use are hand picked and hand processed in Peru.

The ingredients we use are organic and natural.

All our chocolates are handmade with care and quality in tact.  Our chocolates are truly unique.  We hope you enjoy them!

Our chocolate is made in a facility that processes tree nuts.


We are a small business located in Montpelier, Vermont.  We have a strong passion for good, wholesome, local and high quality foods.  After playing with chocolate over the years, we are pleased and excited to bring to you Liberty Chocolates.  We gave great care into finding, for you, the finest ingredients available.  We truly hope you enjoy this unique chocolate experience.

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